Saturday, January 22, 2011

Introduction to the Housekeeping Department 1

Hotel industry is the primary and leading industry in the service sector. It caters directly to the needs of the customers. When a customer comes to the hotel, the first thing that he would expect is a clean environment with a pleasant appearance. It is ensured by the hotel that customers would receive the service as per their requirements. All the departments play an important role in delivering the services to the customers.

When it comes to cleaning,  it is the housekeeping department in a hotel which is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. Just as the nomenclature signifies the role of the housekeeping is to keep a clean, comfortable and safe house. It is an extension of basic home-keeping multiplied to commercial proportions. Therefore, just as we enjoy keeping a 'Sparkling Home' for ourselves and guests visit us at home, the housekeeping  department takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable, so as to create a “Home Away From Home . At home, it is generally  the lady of the house on whom the mantle or responsibility  of housekeeping falls. It is not surprising that this tradition extends to hotels as well, where the housekeeping department is headed by a woman in most cases and they are called as “Executive Housekeeper”.

The concept of housekeeping is simple, but when we consider a “house” of several hundred rooms and numerous public areas,  the tasks become gigantic. It takes a well organized approach and technical understanding to enable housekeeping in order  to cope with  the volume of work.


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